Computers are nearly everywhere in modern society, and they form the framework of communication for businesses, schools and individuals. Their importance to everyday life cannot be overstated, so it is crucial to know what problems and issues are most common and what could be causing them. Below are ten of the most often reported PC problems.

1. "My computer is slow."

Computer techs don't hear any other complaint more than this one, and they tell users that the issue could stem from many different things, including a hard drive that is too full, having too many software programs running or starting up simultaneously, not having enough RAM, or even having a virus. For slow computers with functionality issues, users often have to try making multiple changes, using a process of trial and error, unless they work with professionals like Geekbox to fix computer speed problems.

2. A Noisy Fan

This issue can mean the fan is simply wearing out. It could also be too dirty as it’s been clogged with dust. Additionally, the fan can only work so hard, so the room may be too hot. Definiely keep your fan as dust-free as possible.

3. Random Freezes

When people say, "My computer is slow," they also are often dealing with random freezes. These can come from the same issues. If the computer is already dragging, opening one more program can put it over the edge and crash the system, necessitating a reboot.

4. Dropped Wireless Connections

Dropped Internet connections could be traced back to the modem, the router or the service provider. If those are all fine, though, the problem could be with the network card itself. Fixing a network card usually involves professional help.

5. Hijacked Web Browsers

When this happens, you lose all control over the browser, and it goes to websites seemingly on its own. Sometimes, popups are created repeatedly, filling the screen. Most often, this is due to malware, spyware and viruses, which have to be removed. Since these programs are all running while the browser goes out of control, it can also lead to computer slow functionality issue.

6. Incorrect Clocks

Some experts have connected incorrect clocks to batteries that are in desperate need of replacement. More often, though, it just means the "auto sync" check box got unchecked in the clock settings.

7. Black Spots on the Screen

These black spots may be tiny, and they usually just mean that some pixels have burned out. There is often no way to fix computer issues like this, short of replacing the screen.

8. Unprompted Reboots


If your computer reboots without your telling it to do so, you probably have a power supply that is on the fritz, a worn out intake fan, or a broken processor.


9. Unprompted Internet Connections

Many computers are always connected to wireless Internet, but if you disconnect yours and it connects again on its own, you could have spyware, adware or viruses that are taking control.

10. Websites That Won't Load

One of the most frustrating PC problems, this could be connected to memory issues. The web browser only has so much memory, and using too much could cause web pages to load slowly or to fail to load entirely.

Call Geekbox for help with diagnosing any of these symptoms and we can probably help you fix a lot of these items as well.