Email drives the world we live in today, it connects us with family and drives business across the world. Being locked out of your email can be both financially and emotionally devistating. Here are 3 tips to help you get back into your email safely and quickly.

1. Try reseting your password: You can usually find a "forgot your password button on the same page or program where you normally log into your email. This button will usually send a reset your email request to a backup email you have on file. Unfortunately we are all humna, and sometimes we forget to have a backup email, or perhaps we are locked out of that one too.

2. Contact your email provider: In many cases you can contact your email provider about being locked out of your account. Try seaching for the following in Google "(your email provider) email support contact". Here is an example of what I might search for if my email provider was GMAIL. I would search for the following "GMAIL email support contact" this can sometimes help me get the contact phone number of support. Not all providers list contact information, sometimes we need something a little extra.

3. Call A Professional: Some of us have nephews, or daughters, perhaps even brilliant friends that can come help us when we have a computer problem. For the rest of us compaines like Geekbox provide over the phone tech support, that can connect to our computer and fix our problems while we watch. The best part is they can usually do this in minutes.

There you have it, 3 steps to help you get back into your email!