Have you noticed that your computer is getting slower by the day? Here are five tips that will help boost the performance of your PC.

Clean the registry

A brand new PC contains only the operating system and a couple of other programs that the vendor included as a part of the deal. However, each time you install a program, it writes information on the operating system's registry. Unfortunately, the process of uninstallation only removes the files and folders of the software. Traces of that program remain in the registry, bloating it. Use a dedicated registry cleaning program to remove these traces.


Use the defragging software of your operating system to remove clutter from the hard drive and arrange folders and files in a contiguous manner. This can speed up computer significantly. Perform this task on a weekly basis.


Install a good anti-virus software plus an anti-malware and update their signatures regularly. Malicious hackers often use Trojan programs to control your computer remotely and use it to send DDoS attacks. Removing malware can boost the speed of your slow computer.

Backup files

Most people have the bad habit of downloading stuff like programs, audio and video files and letting them remain on the hard disk drive. This affects the overall performance of the HDD which reduces the speed of your computer too. It is better to backup these files on DVD disks or on a portable drive.

Use proper components

Ensure that your computer contains high-speed DDR3 RAM modules as well as a graphics card, particularly if you use it to play games. Modern games drain the resource of the central processing unit (CPU) and might even cause it to hang. You should always install the operating system on one partition and the programs and data on different partitions of the HDD. This also helps to fix slow computer issues.

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