Like any complex machine, a PC needs routine maintenance to perform well. Regular upkeep can also fix computer problems before they turn serious. Your PC should boot up and run software just as well as it did when you bought it. If not, you will probably benefit from GeekBox's remote tune-ups.


There is usually no need to replace a slow computer. Malware, fragmented files, unnecessary startup processes and inefficient settings often cause slowness. When you request a tune-up, a skilled technician remotely connects to your PC and boosts its performance by correcting these problems.


You may lose data and waste a considerable amount of time if your operating system regularly freezes up. Such failures are usually not caused by defective or worn-out components. A tune-up can make your computer more dependable by optimizing its settings, updating software and eliminating any viruses.


When your PC's memory and hard disk drive become cluttered with unnecessary data, it must work harder to perform the same tasks. This can cause certain parts to wear out more quickly. Without regular tune-ups, some computers also run hotter and draw extra power.


The same software that bogs down your PC may also compromise your privacy. Various toolbars and plug-ins can monitor Internet activity and send confidential data to their developers. A remote tune-up will keep your personal information safe by eliminating harmful programs.

This convenient service offers an efficient way to fix computer problems that slow down your PC and make it less reliable. Although optimal timing may vary depending on how often you use a computer, GeekBox technicians generally encourage users to schedule remote tune-ups every three months.