With the growth of the internet and an increase in its user base, malicious malware and spyware attacks have increased exponentially. In our day and age it’s important to remember that even our smart phones are vulnerable to various hacks, viruses and malware infections. Most of us store personal information on our computers, as such it’s essential to setup malware protection and keep it up to date. Most of the software or services that protect against a malware attack will also help you protect your computer against viruses, spyware and other software designed to harm your device and steal information from it. As such protecting your computer can be as simple as clicking a button. 

If you suspect you already have some form of malware installed on your computer don’t fret. You just need to go to, select the package that best fits your needs, and one of their friendly techs can help you take care of any existing malware. In the event that you are not sure what you need, give Geekbox a call, they will help you diagnose your computer issue right away, and can even see your problem remotely. Geekbox can also help scan your existing files and folders to ensure that no malware is residing on your computer. 

Truth be told you may already be infected, malware often lies dormant until it is turned on by a hacker, and with over 390,000 new malware programs being registered every day it’s a statistical certainty that you will eventually be infected. Take steps now to ensure that your computer and personal information is not only safe today, but remains safe long into the future.

Geekbox will carefully look through your entire computer and remove any viruses, spy-ware, & malware which are software programs capable of reproducing, converting personal information, and displaying advertising that can cause extreme harm to files or other programs.


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