With literally billions of people using the World Wide Web at the same time, it's not surprising that the majority of communication, marketing, and jobs are becoming virtual. While this is great in moving forward with technology, one thing to always watch out for is email theft, viruses, and potential hacking. There are plenty of ways to make email secure, however, so that there are no email problems in the future.

Back up your account

A great way to avoid email problems is by ensuring that all of the information on the account is fully filled out and that the account is backed up. Though the option to back up your account pops up every few times you log in, if you haven't set anything up yet, it is also possible to set up an automatic back-up in the settings of your email address. Geekbox can help you configure these settings.

Use a strong password

Many people use the same password for everything they log into. If you have something valuable in your email that you do not feel comfortable with others seeing, however, a strong secure password is definitely recommended. Using letters, numbers, and special characters, build a password easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess.

Set up security questions and answers

If you ever get locked out of your account, or if someone tries to hack into your account, you will need to complete a series of security questions and answers if you've set them up. Using answers that would be difficult to know off-hand and uncommon security questions is the best way to dissuade potential hackers from proceeding.

It is easy to keep your email secure when using simple steps to prevent viruses and hackers. Just getting started and backing up the account, using a strong password, and setting up security questions and answers are three of the many options out there to keep your email secure and safe. Call Geekbox and we’ll walk you through all of it, if needed.