Viruses, Malware, & Spyware

Computer viruses are small software programs that are designed to spread from one computer to another and to interfere with computer operation. Our Geeks carefully look through your entire computer and remove any viruses, spy-ware, & malware which are software programs capable of reproducing, converting personal information, and displaying advertising that can cause extreme harm to files or other programs. There are over 60,000 new viruses created every day.

Disk Cleanup

Is a computer maintenance utility included in Microsoft Windows designed to free up disk space on a computer's hard drive. It's essential to your computers health to regularly get a disk cleanup to free your system of compression of old files, temporary Internet files, temporary Windows file, downloaded program files, recycle Bin, setup log files, off-line files, caches, cookies, and other unnecessary buildup that take up space on your hard drive and slow your PC down. For example, ActiveX controls and Java applets that are downloaded from the Internet.


Our U.S. Based Geeks will add, modify, or delete unwanted data to bring a file or database up-to-date. Programs that are continually changing and updating will be performing at peak levels.

Add-ons & Toolbars

These can be installed without explicit user consent and can often times manipulate your searches. Some are malicious add-ons that integrate quite convenient toolbars and other additional tools, which trick users into leaving parasites in the system, as such tools do not look related to actual threats but can change settings and your homepage

Defragment Files

Disk defragmentation is the process of consolidating fragmented data on a hard disk or a storage device so it will work more efficiently. Fragmentation happens to a volume over time as you save, change, or delete files. The changes that you save to a file are often stored in a different place on the volume than the original file. This doesn't change where the file appears in Windows—only where the bits of information that make up the file are stored on the actual volume.

Over time, both the file and the volume itself become fragmented, and your computer slows down as it has to look in different places to open a single file. Disk Defragmenter is a tool that rearranges the data on your volume and reunites fragmented data so your computer can run more efficiently. Disk Defragmenter runs on a schedule so you don't have to remember to run it, although you can still run it manually or change the schedule it uses. A defragment reorganizes files on your PC's disk so that the parts of each file are stored in the same sectors on the disk, which will improve the computers performance and maximize the disk space.

Optimize & Configure

Getting regular care of your computer, just like getting an oil change for your car, will greatly increase your PC's productivity and efficiency. In just a few steps your computer can be optimized and configured properly so you can use your system to its full potential and extend its shelf life.

Clean & Fix Registry Errors

The registry is a data base in windows that contains important information about system hardware, installed programs and settings, and profiles of each of the user accounts on your computer. Windows continually refers to the information in the registry. An incorrect change to your computers registry could render your computer inoperable. However, if a corrupt file appears in the registry, you might be required to make changes.

We strongly recommend that you back up the registry before making any changes and you only change values in the registry that you understand or have been instructed to change by a source point. The registry is essentially the guts of the computer. This is where the spyware, adware, malware, and viruses go to hide. Registry errors cause your computer to slow down, freeze, and eventually crash. It’s very important that you have a trained professional remove anything in the registry.